C2 Strategic Plan

  • Introduction
    The Central Square School District is fully committed to our students.  We are driven to create citizens who move beyond our walls and embody the best attributes of our community. Through the development of critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills, students will evolve into citizens who are prepared, confident, passionate, reflective, collaborative, lifelong learners who communicate well, think critically, and problem-solve to live their best lives and contribute to their communities.  

    To produce such citizens, the Central Square School District is committed to creating a supportive environment for all students.  A supportive environment is created first by building meaningful relationships with students based on a growth mindset.  We will acknowledge the social and emotional needs of all students and collaborate with all appropriate stakeholders to create multiple pathways to success and provide equal access to curriculum, services, and opportunities.  We will monitor our progress in all of our focus areas through the use of multiple measures of data.  

    Our strategic plan will serve as both the compass and the road map that will evolve with the ever-changing world in which we live.  Our strategic plan will directly impact everything from the type of courses offered to how schools are organized to meet the needs of our learners. 

    The Central Square School District Framework
    The mission of the Central Square School District is:
    To empower all students to excel as citizens in a changing world

    The Central Square School District has set the four core goals upon which all other work is based and aligned.
    By working toward these goals we firmly believe we can fulfill this mission. These goals remain constant;
    however, the measurable objectives to reach these goals may change from year to year:
    1. Increase instructional engagement
    2. Support an atmosphere that promotes 21st Century Citizenship for all
    3. Support partnerships between the district and community
    4. Continue to implement sound fiscal practices that work to support student learning
    Superintendent's Goals 2022-2023
    Superintendent's Goals 2023-2024

    Each building must create annual objectives to work toward the C² Strategic Plan.

    School Action Plans

    The puzzle pieces below signify the focus areas used to set measurable objectives:

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