Board of Education

  • CSBOE2020
    2020-21 Board of Education Members: Michael Lawyea, Lori Wood, Chance Nickerson, Catherine Sundet, Kristy Fischmann, Vice President; Randy Hoyt, Andrew Martin, President; Timothy McCarthy and Steven Patch 

    The Board of Education believes that it is vital to identify clear and measurable ways in which we can support the achievement of our District Wide goals. To that end, we have adopted the following Board Goals and will use these as a benchmark against success when we conduct our self assessment at the end of the school year.

    2019-2020 Central Square Board of Education Objectives

    In order to support the District Goal in increasing instructional engagement, the Board will review data sets presented by Administration on a monthly basis to facilitate productive discussion on budget and program impacts on Instructional Engagement (one or two points of data, not more). These discussions will guide 2020-2021 budget development decisions.

    (beginning in December 2019, continuing each month)

    In order to support the District goal of sound fiscal practices to support student learning, the Board will, in conjunction with District Administration, develop and post an outline of the annual budget development process that includes dates, presentations, stakeholders and goals. This process will be communicated to the community and stakeholder groups and feedback encouraged.

    (developed by end of 2019-2020 school year, posted in summer for 2020)

    In order to support the District goal of sound fiscal practices to support student learning, the Board will direct Administration to present a comprehensive plan to utilize the space formerly housing CSI. This plan will include programs, costs, challenges, advantages and sustainability. This plan will facilitate the Board’s development of the 2020-2021 Budget.

    (Complete plan to be presented by the end of February, 2020)

    In order to support the District goal of fostering a partnership between the district and the community, the Board will ensure that clear organizational charts are developed and easily accessible by the community. These charts will outline organizational structure and roles and responsibilities at the District and Building level.
    (Completed by end of May, 2020)