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  • The Central Square Central School District is very special and unique for many reasons.  Our staff is top notch and extremely dedicated to support all students by empowering them to excel as citizens in a changing world.  This is not only our official mission statement, it is our daily focus and responsibility to all of our students and their parents/guardians that put their children on school busses every morning and expect the very best outcome.  The Central Square Central School District is more than 200 square miles in size spanning three counties (Oswego, Onondaga, and Oneida), making it the largest school district by land size alone in the state of New York.  Some could view this as an obstacle that disconnects students because they live very far from their peers, but we know that is not the case, as we pride ourselves on our great sense of community. We view the entire District as one strong community, as illustrated in our District’s motto: “As one we rise, together we soar.”

    Each year we focus on four major categories that directly impact the success of our District, and they are to:

    • increase instructional engagement
    • implement sound fiscal practices to support student learning
    • provide an atmosphere that promotes 21st century citizenship
    • foster a partnership between the District and the community 

    Similar to the majority of school districts across the Country, we set measurable annual achievement goals such as continually improving our graduation rate, percentage of students reading on grade level (by utilizing STAR and Dibels data), scores on 3-8 Grade State Assessments and Regents exams, and our students’ attendance, etc. However, we also fully understand that there are other important factors beyond State test scores that greatly contribute to the academic success and social and emotional well-being of our students, that directly impact students’ ability to become contributing citizens, and most importantly, to be happy and healthy individuals that possess the skillsets needed to succeed no matter what obstacles lay in front of them. We are grateful to have such dedicated staff members, students, parents/guardians and community members that sit on district-wide committees such as the College and Career Readiness Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Mental Health Task Force Committee, the Safety Committee, (to name a few) that provide us with multiple perspectives to accomplish a similar goal, which is the success for all students. 

    The addition of elementary counselors and elementary social workers will allow us to continue to improve upon the social and emotional needs of our younger students and help them in the early part of their journey, so they can enter our middle school and high school better prepared for the rapidly changing world around them. Preparing students for college and/or career remains a major focus for us as we look to strengthen the multiple pathways we provide our students. 

    We are very excited about our new career center being built as you read this, that will be located in the commons area at Paul V. Moore High School, next to the cafeteria.  This will showcase the military pathway through enlistment and college ROTC opportunities, the college/university pathway, the career and technical (CTE) and trade school pathway, and non-traditional pathways based on the emergence of new industries that were not in existence a few years ago. Our belief is that if we provide only one pathway for our 3,800 students, we would be doing them and their parents/guardians a major disservice, and if we did that, our mission statement “to empower all students to excel as citizens in a changing world,” would be merely words and an empty promise. 

    We believe our students at Central Square deserve the very best environment to learn, and besides having amazing teachers, administrators, and support staff, we feel that the conditions of the schools themselves need to reflect the high standard of excellence that our community expects. Our community greatly invests in the success of our students, which was evident with the community’s continued support of our annual budget as well as the referendums that were recently passed, such as the 2017 capital project referendum and the 2019 safety and security capital project referendum, along with our annual school bus referendums to provide our students with safe transportation. Our schools had not experienced significant construction prior to the current capital project that has already put brand new roofs on all of our schools, as well as major infrastructure and technology upgrades in all of our schools.  The new turf field and track at the high school was completed last summer and has brought great recognition for our sports and band program, as well as addressing the safety concerns that are associated with a turf field that has long outlived its intended lifespan. Our high school auditorium construction project will be completed for the 2020-2021 school year and we are thrilled to be getting a state of the art performing arts center that will complement our outstanding fine arts program at Paul V. Moore High School, and across the District as all our schools perform their concerts and shows there.

    In a time when rural counties are experiencing a steady decline in student enrollment, Central Square is doing everything we can to make this District a coveted place to be, where our students not only excel academically, but also musically, athletically, and socially.  We believe in fostering a welcoming environment that provides all students with numerous opportunities to become effective communicators and collaborators, innovative and critical thinkers, emotionally intelligent, and contributing citizens.  The College and Career Readiness Committee created a list of key attributes/competencies for all pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade students, and we feel that if these are embedded appropriately (when possible) in daily instruction and through our clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities, we are assisting in the development of truly well-rounded students. (The full list of key attributes/competencies is hyperlinked, so clicking on the words “key attributes/competencies” in the previous sentence will take you directly to it.) 

    Mr. Thomas J. Colabufo
    Central Square Central School District

Photo of Mr. Thomas J. Colabufo, Superintendent Central Square School District
  • Mr. Thomas J. Colabufo
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    Mrs. Pearl Horn
    Secretary to the Superintendent
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