Transportation Department

  • Transportation Office
    248 US Route 11
    Central Square, NY 13036
    Phone: 315-668-3771
    Fax: 315-668-4316

  • Welcome!

    The transportation department of the Central Square Central School District is proud to carry over 4,500 children on 67 buses each day for school.  Our district is spread over 250 square miles and is situated in parts of three counties and eleven townships.  This means that our buses routinely travel 7,142 miles each day, or nearly 1.3 million miles a year!

    Because the school bus is an extension of the classroom, we are an integral part of the education of all students within the Central Square District.  We are the child's first step into the school day and the last step at the end of the day.

    Safety is top priority and a group effort.  Students, parents, drivers and the community all carry responsibility to keep our students safe as they travel the roads in our school district.

    We value each and every student and we will emphasize that by treating each student with dignity and respect.