Child Nutrition

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    Central Square Middle School
    248 US Route 11
    Central Square, NY 13036
    Phone: (315) 668-4220 x70356

    School Lunch Director David Bartholomew  
    David Bartholomew
    School Lunch Director

    Assistant Food Service Director Amy Catlin  
    Amy Catlin
    Assistant Food Service Director


    Laura Baum
    Phone: (315) 668-4220 ext. 70356

    ***The Child Nutrition office is located at Central Square Middle School, 248 US Rt 11, Central Square, NY 13036.  Please check in at the main office and you will be directed to our office.***

    School Building Managers

    Note: Some managers are responsible for four buildings and may not be in your building when you call.  Managers will return your phone call when they return to your building.  Thank you for your patience.

    School Manager Phone
    A. A. Cole Patsy Suter (315) 668-4030 ext. 12207
    Brewerton Patsy Suter (315) 668-4201 ext. 11307
    Hastings-Mallory Patsy Suter (315) 668-4252 ext. 18101
    Millard Hawk Patsy Suter (315) 668-4310 ext. 19304
    C.S. Middle Kim Havens (315) 668-4218 ext. 41190
    PV Moore High Kim Havens (315) 668-4231 ext. 51190

    If you would prefer to e-mail us, please click on the name of the person you wish to e-mail.

    *When enrolling students, do NOT include dashes with the student identification number.

    Additional Resources (Below are some links to other web sites that may interest the family):
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