• Branding & Style Guide

    Central Square Central School District has a look and a feel that makes us who we are. Please see our branding style guide to help our organization create consistent, memorable impressions on our students, staff and community.

    CSSD has six official logos, two of which are used exclusively for athletic branding purposes. The tagline "As One We Rise, Together We Soar," appears on one specific logo and cannot be used with other acceptable forms of the logo. We cannot ever alter any logo's colors or scale. If increasing the size of the logo, it is important to not stretch the logo or otherwise distort it. You can separate the icon of the logo from the text if necessary. JPEG files are good for print, PNG files are good for digital use. High resolution files of the logo and/or different versions are available below. Please read through our style guide to stay true to branding. For special printing projects, please contact the Public Relations team for appropriate large-format files or special projects involving the logo.


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