600-plus combined years of service honored at CSSD retiree ceremony

With the end of the school calendar looming, Central Square School District honored more than two dozen employees who have combined served hundreds of thousands of hours and generations of students with the district.

In total, 26 employees were recognized during the June Board of Education meeting with those present receiving heartfelt thanks from the board, district administrators, fellow colleagues and family in the audience.

All employees, including those not in attendance, were honored and acknowledged for their service along with personal stories and kind accolades showcasing their time and dedication to CSSD. The 26 employees totaled 611-plus years of service to the Central Square School District and students.

Central Square Superintendent Thomas J. Colabufo offered his appreciation for the dedication to the district and efforts throughout the years. The event was held Monday, June 3, in the Paul V. Moore High School Cafeteria with cake served afterward.

View a video tribute to all of our retirees

To view a gallery of photos from the ceremony, visit the Central Square School District Facebook page at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/CentralSquareSD/posts/pfbid02W1CpeSvDJDyCkhFJTS9VgQdyQzg6QuJfemD7Hj9d7gmtKV5jRPQ69tR9rg3KcSRbl?rdid=YpLbrkmGF5ks2xLf

Below is a list by department and school of the retirees who were honored to close out the 2023-24 school year.


Aura A. Cole Elementary School

James Collett, Phys. Ed. Teacher, 22 Years

Brewerton Elementary School

Jacqueline Harrington, Teaching Assistant, 23.7 Years
Cynthia Hayden, Teaching Assistant, 25.2 Years
Debra Ostrowski, School Psychologist, 28.9 Years

Hastings-Mallory Elementary School

Tami Grover, Teacher, 27.3 Years

Millard Hawk Elementary School

Linda Lamanna, Speech Pathologist, 26 Years

Central Square Middle School

Kelly LeBlanc, Special Ed. Teacher, 28.5 Years
Brenda Metrick, Special Ed. Teacher, 37 Years
Debra Pardee, Clerical, 29.10 Years

Paul V. Moore High School

Edward Audley, Special Ed. Teacher, 26 Years
Mitchell Brousseau, School Counselor, 27 Years
Alison Cassella, Special Ed. Teacher, 30 Years
Frederick Covert II, Teacher, 24 Years
Stacy Guerin, Teaching Assistant, 20 Years
Mary Hart, Teaching Assistant, 17.5 Years
Tracy Latak, Teaching Assistant, 6.10 Years
Becky McLaughlin, Clerical, 19.11 Years
James Petrella, School Counselor, 30.4 Years
Kathleen Stropp, Teacher, 27.4 Years

Maintenance Department

Brenda Lyons, Custodian, 22.7 Years
Joseph Nesbitt, Custodian, 30.1 Years
Raymond Stone, Custodian, 8 Years

Food Service Department

Betty Fellows, 30.8 Years
Sandra Peck, 13.1 Years

Transportation Department
Johnnie Pierce, 7.3 Years

District Office
Joanne Brandt, Clerical, 24 Years