College and Career Center

  • Welcome to the Paul V. Moore High School Career Center!
    Here you will find resources to help you become college and career ready.

    Student looking down a road at different career pathways

    You can start investigating which careers are right for you by attending the following work-based learning opportunities:

    • Career Discussions led by professional working in the field
    • Field Trips (off campus), and
    • Virtual Field Trips (on campus)

    You can learn more about all the opportunities listed above, by visiting Google Classroom and adding (joining) the Career Center classroom by entering the following code "5j6a89z"

    In addition, you can visit our Career Center Google Classroom to do the following:

    • Find out when college admissions and military representatives will be visiting the career center
    • Request a job shadow
    • Learn about various volunteer opportunities available
    • Explore online career and college planning resources

    Remember, whether you are college-bound, exploring technical or trade schools, interested in joining the military, or considering entering the workforce after graduation, the Career Center is where your journey begins!

Career Center Opportunities

  • Architecture & Construction

    Education & Training

    Human Services


    Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources


  • Finance

    Hospitality & Tourism


    Arts, A/V, Technology & Communication

    Government & Public Administration

    Information Technology


  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

    Business Management & Administration

    Health Science

    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics