Central Square Middle School

  • CSMS Mission Statement: To nurture and promote a middle school environment that enhances personal success within unique learning communities.

    The Central Square Middle School has approximately 800 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. 

    CSMS teachers function in teams; ELA, Science, Social Studies and Math in grades 7 and 8. In Grade 6 Reading is also by team. Each team also includes a resource teacher. School counselors are assigned by grade, so they have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their students over their 3 years of middle school. Administrators are split alphabetically and/or by grade, again to allow time to develop positive relationships and foster student growth.

    Students in grades 7 and 8 can participate in interscholastic athletics of many types. Student clubs such as Leadership (Student Government) are ongoing throughout the year for all grades. PATHS classes (Parent and Teachers Helping Students) are usually offered in the Fall and Spring semesters in a variety of subjects. A list of all activities offered will be available each Fall, generally by October of that school year. 

    CSMS Contact Information:

    Main/Front Office: Ms. Wick 

    Nurse: Mrs. Ransom  Assistant: Mrs. Godici 

    School Counselor Office: Secretary: Mrs. House-Korthas               

    Counselor Grade 6: Mrs. Evans    
    Counselor Grade 7: Mrs. Winchek
    Counselor Grade 8: Ms.  LaBeff  

    Attendance Office Secretary: Mrs.Pardee                                  

    Principals' Office Secretary: Mrs. McCaffrey             
    Principal: Mr. Penrod 
    Principal: Mr. King 
    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Kondrk