Central Square Middle School Clubs and Activities

  • 2022-2023 

    Central Square Middle School 

    Clubs and Activities


    Drama Club/ MS Musical:  An organization where you can express your interest in the arts. The club is a place where students will  rehearse to perform a Musical in May. Students will learn the basics about performing on stage. As it is a musical, students will also be singing and dancing and having an all around joyous time. Our audition process will begin in March.  Advisors are Mrs. Ziemba kmascaro@cssdapps.org and Mrs. Mullin jmullin@cssdapps.org

    Drama/ MS Musical club will start in February 2023 and end in May 2023. 

    The club will meet once a week February through March ( more rehearsals and longer time as the show gets closer. 

    CSMS Newspaper Club:  Students help organize. write articles, take pictures, conduct surveys, report on interesting news happening in our school, community and world . This will begin in October.  The advisor is Mrs. Williamson in Room 127.  rwilliamson@cssdapps.org 

    Newspaper Club will start 10/4/22-6/1/23 



    Ukulele/Acapella Club: Students Will learn to play the ukulele.

    Ukulele Club will meet every Thursday from 1/23-5/23, in room 103.

    The advisor is Mr. Hoholuk. shoholuk@cssdapps.org



    Battle of the Books:  Start date will be in October, announcements and info to follow in ELA rooms. Students read 8 books from a set list, and compete in a quiz show format battle in April.   Students meet weekly afterschool in January to practice questions, play games to prepare and share information about the books they are reading. The winning team from the middle school will go on to compete at the county wide battle of the books competition.  The advisor is Mrs. Enigk in the Library.  aenigk@cssdapps.org  


    Math League:  This group meets on Thursdays in Room 220 from 10/22-3/23 with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Popvitch. There are five meets in the district, one meet out of district. The advisors are jbrown@cssdapps.org, Jpopovich@cssdapps.org

    CSMS Dungeons & Dragons Adventures:   Students learn to play Dungeon & Dragons, which exposes them to problem solving, abstract thinking, creative thinking and design, and allows them to self-manage group interactions within a creative environment. All materials provided.  See Mr. Knight and Mr. Alaimo in Room 218 0r 230 on Thursdays.  tknight@cssdapps.org or palaimo@cssdapps.org 


    Student Leadership: Students will work to create a positive and engaged student body at CSMS. Students will work to bring activities to the school community that connect students to students and also students to staff. The advisor is Mrs. Heffernan. The Club will run from 10/22-6/23, 2-3x a month ( every other week on Tuesday’s) in room 226.  kheffernan@cssdapps.org 


    Sci-fi Club: Students will analyze various media for the accuracy of science knowledge and applications. They will also evaluate the ethical implications of said applications. The advisor will be Mrs. Veezy.  gveezy@cssdapps.org 

    The Club will Meet every Thursday in Room 123 and will run from 10/22-5/23. This club is offered to 7th &8th grade ONLY.

    Artist Assemble 6th Grade: Students will work on a variety of art works developing their personal style  and gain skills in various art media and techniques. The advisor is Mr. Shehadi. mshehadi@cssdapps.org 

    This club will run from 9/22-6/23, 1x  weekly in room 128. This club is for 6th grade ONLY.

    Artist Assemble 7th Grade: Students will work on a variety of art works developing their personal style  and gain skills in various art media and techniques. The advisor is Mr. Williamson. pwilliamson@cssdapps.org 

    This club will run from 9/22-6/23, 1x weekly in room 129. This club is for 7th grade ONLY.


    Artist Assemble 8th Grade: Students will work on a variety of art works developing their personal style  and gain skills in various art media and techniques. The advisor is Mr. Williamson. pwilliamson@cssdapps.org 

    This club will run from 9/22-6/23, 1x weekly in room 129. This club is for 8th grade ONLY.


    Book Club:  Promote, distribute and have students read a community book and meet to discuss. . See Mrs. Enigk or Mrs. Parkhurst  in the Library.  aenigk@cssd.org kparkhurst@cssdapps.org

    This club will run from 10/22-5/23, meeting 2x month in the Library. 


    Jazz Band Club: Meets every Thursday from 10/21-6/23 in Room 103. 7th and 8th grade ONLY.

    The advisor is Mrs. Ezzo. lezzo@cssdapps.org


    Jazz Ensemble Club: Meets every Monday from 10/22-6/23 in Room 106.

    The advisor is Mr. Shelton. gshelton@cssdapps.org


    Winter Percussion Ensemble:  Students will rehearse to perform and compete in 4 NYSPC shows including the NYS Percussion Circuit Championships. This is open to all students that participate in band or chorus. Percussion experience is not necessary. It will also require Saturday morning rehearsals and 4 full day Saturday competitions.

    This Club runs 12/22-4/23, meeting Tuesdays after school until 5 pm and Saturday mornings. 

    See Ms. Mascaro Room 104, 105 or 106.  kZiemba@cssdapps.org 


    Pep Band: Meets every Tuesday from 1/23-4/23 in Room 106.

    The advisor Is Mr.Shelton. gshelton@cssdapps.org


    Debate Club: Students will debate about a picked topic with each other competitively. 

    Debate club will run 10/22-4/23 and meet 2x monthly in Room 108. 

    The advisor is Ms. Rogers. brogers@cssdapps.org


    Board Game Club: Students will have a chance to relax after the school day and enjoy playing board games (old and new) with friends.

    Board Game club will meet every Monday in Room105. 

    The advisor is Mrs. Ziemba. kziemba@cssdapps.org




    DECA: Students will learn skills, problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking.

    Mrs Thomas is the advisor. pthomas@cssdapps.org

    Club will meet on Thursdays October through June 2x a month, 8th grade ONLY.


    Elementary All County Band Chorus: Students in 6th grade will be invited to perform in OCMEA All County Band or Chorus. We will rehearse once a week after school with a festival the first weekend in November. Please contact your teacher for more information. The advisors are Mrs. Ziemba and Mr. Shelton in Room’s 104,105 and 106. kziemba@cssdapps.orggshelton@cssdapps.org 


    This club will start  9/22-11/22 Festival will be on Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th.(6th grade ONLY)


    Jr High All County Band: 7th and 8th grade students interested in participating in Jr High All County Band will audition in November. Those selected will perform at the OCMEA Jr High  All Countyfestival in January. Rehearsals will take place 1x a week until the festival after school in late October, and then again in January for those who are selected. 7th and 8th grade ONLY.

    The advisor is Mrs. Ezzo in Room 106. lezzo@cssdapps.org

    Jr High All County Chorus: Students in 7th and 8th grade will be invited to perform in OMECA All County Chorus after an audition with the music teachers. Rehearsals will begin in February after school in Room 105. The festival will take place the third weekend of April. Please contact your teacher for more information. 

    The advisors are Mrs. Ziemba and Mr. Hoholuk.




    Wellness Activity Club: Students will practice skills to manage stress, advocate for community health and develop SEL.

    The advisor will be Mrs. Gallagher in Room 125. lgallagher@cssdapps.org

    This club will start 9/22-6/23 meeting 1x a week.


    STEM Club: Students in 7th and 8th Grade will be challenged with project-based STEM challenges.

    The advisor is Mrs. Stephens. estephens@cssdapps.org

    This club will start 10/22-6/23 and will meet 1x a week in Room 132.


    Lifters Club: Students will use the weight room to work on strength and physical fitness.

    The advisors are Mrs. Gallagher and Mrs. Goldman. lgallagher@cssdapps.org, bgoldman@cssdapps.org

    Lifters club will start in late October and run through early June and will be held every Monday and Tuesday in the CSMS weight room. 


    Crafting with the Cricut: Learn to use the design space software, how to weed vinyl, transfer adhesive vinyl and apply heat transfer vinyl. Attendance is limited to 12 students per group and hope to run two different groups each month.

    The advisors are Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Metrick.

     lmarshall@cssdapps.org, bmetrick@cssdapps.org


    Crafting with the Cricut will meet on Mondays 2-3x a month in the library.




    CSMS Spirit Squad: Open to all 6th graders interested in spreading school spirit to our student- athletes. This squad will consist of a team of dedicated students who work to promote school spirit

    The advisor is Mr. Shaughnessy. mshaughnessy@cssdapps.org

    School Spirit will run through Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2, and Spring sport seasons. 6th Grade ONLY 


    Club de español

    Spanish Club: Students will continue to learn the spanish language and fun activities after class has ended.

    Mrs. Knosp is the advisor and will meet in Room 241. mknosp@cssdapps.org

    Spanish club will start in February and run through June meeting 2x a month. 7th and 8th graders ONLY.


    Creative Lettering Club: Students will learn to write using various fonts as well as cursive and calligraphy.

    The advisor is Mrs. Roukous. proukous@cssdapps.org

    Club will meet on Tuesday’s in Room 212.



    *Please email advisors for the most updated information, as changes do occur with offerings and details of clubs. Please note if the club you are interested in doesn't have a specified grade all grades are welcome*