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  • Information Regarding Suncreen

    Your student is allowed to carry and use sunscreen in school if:

    1. The sunscreen is used for the purpose of avoiding overexposure to the sun and not for medical treatment of an injury or illness;
    2. The sunscreen is approved by the FDA for over-the-counter use;
    3. The student's parent or guardian provides written permission for the student to carry and use sunscreen. A student who is unable to physically apply sunscreen may be assisted by unlicensed personnel (teacher or teaching assistant) when directed to do so by the student, if permitted by a parent or guardian.

    Medication Requirements

    1. Written permission from your doctor with specific instructions (i.e. dosage, time to be taken).
    2. Written permission from a parent/guardian for their child to take medications in school.
    3. Original bottle with the original prescription label. You can ask your pharmacist to give you 2 bottles.

    School Physicals

    Who needs them: 

    1. Pre-kindergarten or kindergarten
    2. 2nd grade students
    3. News students entering the district

    Private Physicals

    If you wish you can have your child's physical with your family doctor, and not have a school physical. You must have a copy sent to school by December, or a school physical will be done.


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