Report Cards/SchoolTool Parent Portal

  • The Central Square School District uses a parent grade portal called SchoolTool. SchoolTool allows password protected online access to student grades and assignments. You only need one login to view information for all your students across grade levels, once the portal is open for those students.

    Parents who have a current email address listed in their student contact information have been notified of login and password information via that email. You can update your email or any contact information any time you visit CSMS, or by contacting Miss Patty Wick at (315) 668-4218 ext 40160. Once she has updated your email, she will contact our in-house support person, who will generate your login email through SchoolTool.

    Further assistance with SchoolTool IDs and logins is available through Mrs. Michelle Giamartino at (315) 668-4218.

    You can access SchoolTool by clicking the icon below, or through the district and school websites under the "Staff" tab, and then clicking on SchoolTool Parent Access. If you wish to download and log on through the app, after you have set up your account, you will need to use in the url field.

    • Parents who have an older child in the district and already have a SchoolTool account should be able to view their 6th grade student once they log in using their username and password from last year.  Remember that your username is your email address, so if you’ve started using a different email address (for example, went from “yahoo” to “gmail”), you may need to try an old email address.  If you are missing either your username or password, Michelle Giamartino is the contact person at the middle school.
    • Parents who are new to the district or who are entering the middle school for the first time may already have access, as SchoolTool initially sent out emails to incoming families in September.   However, if the school did not have your current email address at that time, you may not have received that information yet.  SchoolTool will continue to send out emails to families who have yet to access their accounts every two weeks. 

    Students should be able to access SchoolTool using their school computer login information.



    Paperless Report Cards:
    We have recently released our first set of paperless report cards. This environmentally friendly option will help the district cut down on ink, paper, and staff hours to print, stuff, mail, and track over 3700 report cards issued 4-6 times per year. 

    Frequently asked questions:

    1. How and when can I access my student’s report card?
    a. You can access the report cards when the buildings release them. They will notify you when this occurs.
    b. You will access the report card through the Parent Portal.

    2. Will all report cards be paperless?
    a. The District will default to paperless report cards.

    3. How can I get a paper copy?
    You will need to do this for a paper copy even if you requested one at the beginning of the year on the Student Data Verification form.
    a. First, you can print a copy from SchoolTool. The print icon has been added. 
    b. You can use the User Defined tab in your Parent Portal and select paper copy. You can change this setting whenever you would like.
    c. You can call the main office of your child’s school to request a paper copy.

    4. How long are report cards available?
    a. Once a report card has been published, it is available for you to view indefinitely.

    If you have any questions or are having difficulty, please fill out the Central Square SchoolTool Help Request; and someone from the IT Department will address your question.

    Opting into Paper Copy

    ·        See attachments on this page, or contact the CSMS office to make changes. 


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