• Elementary Study Skills

    Elementary Study Skills

    1.    Establish a regular study/homework time each day.
    2.    Assist your child with keeping track of assignments and making sure they have all of the tools needed in order to complete the assignment.
    3.    Encourage daily study even if there is no written homework. Daily reading and writing in a journal are always helpful to learning.
    4.    Allow study breaks if assignments are long.
    5.    Help your child break large assignments or study topics into smaller ones.
    6.    Teach and assist your child with the value of being organized.
    7.    Use study aids such as flash cards, reading out loud, classifying topics.
    8.    Encourage your child to ask the teacher for help as needed.
    9.    Allow studying with a partner if it is beneficial to each child.
    10.  Assist your child as needed with directions, clarifying, etc. but   he/she must be the one to actually do the assignment.