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Central Square School District Celebrates 2020-21 Staff Retirees

Central Square School District is proud to celebrate our 2020-21 staff retirees whose valuable talents and contributions will always be remembered. 


Brenda Tracy

Teaching Assistant, 19 years


Connie Dean

Teaching Assistant, 22 years


Tracie LaPoint

Teaching Assistant, 18 years


Kelly Lindberg

Nurse, 13 years


Tracy Parzych

Elementary Teacher, 32 years


Mary Asmus

Elementary Teacher, 34 years


Dawn Carlisle

Teaching Assistant, 15 years


Joanne Blodgett

Teaching Assistant, 20 years


Robin Blumer

Teaching Assistant, 11 years


Jerrie Foster

Teaching Assistant, 23 years


Lois Groginski

Teaching Assistant, 23 years


Dorothy Harshberger

High School Teacher, 22 years


Andrew Mullen

High School Teacher, 20 years


Megan Rothrock

High School Teacher, 32 years


Barbara Baum

Bus Monitor, 13 years


Gerald Bocyck

Bus Driver, 19 years


James Fellows

Bus Driver, 18 years


Mary Fellows

Bus Driver, 29 years


Todd Francis

Bus Driver, 20 years


Judith Getz

Bus Monitor, 32 years


James Hackett

Bus Driver, 21 years


Leroy Last

Bus Driver, 15 years


Judith Nestler

Bus Driver, 26 years


Stephen Schwalm

Bus Driver, 3 years


Richard Tortorelli

Bus Driver, 24 years


Russell Tyron

Bus Driver, 22 years


William Verity Jr.

Bus Driver, 14 years


William James Drancsak

Director of Health, P.E. & Athletics, 5 years

The full PowerPoint presentation can be found here: Central Square School District 2020-21 Retirees