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PVM Music Department Announces Award and Scholarship Recipients

Fourteen seniors from Paul V. Moore High School earned recognition for their dedication to the school’s music program during a ceremony held in the newly renovated auditorium.

Music teachers Ronald Haldeman, Mark Woods and Veronica Mainville praised the student musicians for their time and perseverance given to the program throughout the years.

“We want to help provide our seniors with opportunities to demonstrate their talents and abilities and also to be publicly recognized for their participation and successes as a part of the High School Music Department,” said Haldeman. “We have very talented and hardworking students that deserve to be recognized.”

A majority of the awards were sponsored by the Central Square Music Boosters, while the remainder were provided by private donors. A collective value of $3,100 was awarded throughout the ceremony.

The following senior students were recognized: Emily Colledge Alyssa Doane, Liam Eveleigh, Trevor Francisco, Jillian Howe, Hope Johnson, Veronica Logsdon, Sarah Metzger, Ella Moody, Jenna Moran, Matthew Newton, Emma Reed, Sara Syrell, and Hannah Sywulski