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Central Square School District Celebrates 2019-20 Staff Retirees

Central Square School District is proud to celebrate our 2019-20 staff retirees whose valuable talents and contributions will always be remembered. 


Ann Bryant

Custodian, 18 years


A. John Buda Jr.

Mathematics Teacher, 21 years


Lynn Carista

Teaching Assistant, 26 years


Frederick Chilluffo

Mathematics Teacher, 16 years


Denise Corsette

Elementary Teacher, 33 years


Cynthia Davidson

Elementary Teacher, 30 years


Gail Flohn

Monitor, 16 years


Andrew Graziano

Music Teacher, 32 years


Viola Gugliotto

Teaching Assistant, 22 years


Edward Krause

Custodian, 36 years


Stephen Krisak

Elementary Teacher, 24 years


Koweena Lewis

Food Service Manager, 20 years


Cheryl Lindsay

Music Teacher, 15 years


Phyllis McIntosh

Mathematics Teacher, 33 years


Linda Meredith

Elementary Teacher, 33 years


Donna Peck

Monitor, 29 years


Rhonda Rhoades

Teaching Assistant, 21 years


Sandra Rice

Typist, 17 years


Nancy Simmons

Teaching Assistant, 21 years


Richard Vose

Maintenance Mechanic, 38 years


Babette Whitford

Custodian, 34 years


Alma Widger

Food Services, 32 years


Ann Wright

Art Teacher, 22 years


The full PowerPoint presentation can be found here: Central Square School District 2019-20 Retirees