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Central Square School District Welcomes our New Staff Members for the 2020-2021 School Year

Central Square School District is proud to welcome our new staff members for the 2020-2021 school year.

Welcome to the Redhawk family!

Andrea Gibbs
Foreign Language (Spanish) – PVM

Krystin Salmonsen
School Social Worker - PVM

Grayson Shelton
Music Teacher - CSMS

Gowrie Vezey
Science Teacher - CSMS

Jason Lloyd
Technology Teacher - CSMS

Beth Szlosek
School Counselor – AA Cole/HME

Ashley Vaccaro
UPK Teacher – Brewerton Elementary  

Carin Reeve
HME Principal

Natalie Rubar
HME – 2nd Grade Teacher

Mary Lou Green
HME – 3rd Grade Teacher  

Leeann Azzano
English as a Second Language Teacher at MHE

James Donahue
Custodial Worker 

Angela Stark
Typist – Special Education Office

Nicole O’Reilly
Typist – PVM

We are so happy you are part of our team!

The full Powerpoint presentation can be found here: New Staff Members 2020-2021 PDF