• Brewerton's Character Pledge

    I am responsible for all my actions and behavior today.

    I will listen, work hard, and learn.

    I will respect the feelings, property and rights of others.

    I will be a good citizen by doing what is right.

    Today, I will be the best person I can be.




    "Intelligence is not enough, Intelligence and Character are the true goals of education."
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


    "People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character
    is built."
    Eleanor Roosevelt

      Do what you are supposed to do
    Always do your best
    Use self-control
    Think before you act
    Consider the consequences 
    Be accountable for your choices
       Be kind
    Be compassionate and show you care 
    Express gratitude
    Forgive others
    Help people in need