Stop Bullying  

Incidents of discrimination and harassment, including but not limited to bullying, taunting, and intimidation, can interfere with a student’s ability to learn and the district’s ability to educate its students. Therefore, the district is committed to creating an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment and will promote civility throughout the school to prevent and prohibit conduct that is inconsistent with that goal. We appreciate your help in reporting incidents!

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The Central Square Central School District condemns and prohibits all forms of bullying, discrimination and/or harassment of students. A student’s ability to learn and achieve high academic standards, and a school’s ability to educate students, is compromised by incidents of discrimination and/or harassment of students, including but not limited to, bullying, taunting and intimidation.


In addition to reporting a bullying incident on the District website, the DASA Coordinators for each of our school building is listed below.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s administrator directly to report an incident.

Building DASA Coordinators  
Paul V. Moore High School:  Jennifer O’Malley 668-4231
Central Square Middle School:  Matt Penrod 668-4221
AA Cole Elementary:  Michael Smolnik 623-9823
Brewerton Elementary:  Stacey Eger 668- 4201
Central Square Intermediate:  Brent Bowden 668-4229
Hastings-Mallory Elementary:  Larry Wink 668-4252
Millard Hawk Primary:  Amanda Viel 668-4310


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